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The lovable rouge, or perhaps the opportunist bastard, Brian portrays the type of characters you can't help but like - even if they're getting away with murder (either literally or figuratively).  Adept at playing the "devil-may-care" scoundrel who breaks the rules (or the law) but because of his charm and skill, the audience still roots for him.


These characters say what everyone is thinking - even if it may offend and especially if it's unpopular.  Brian natural edge, combined with his sardonic sensibilities make him a great fit for similar roles to Damien Lewis' Bobby Axelrod on Billions, Dean Winters Ryan O'Reiley on OZ, Richard Madden' Dave Budd in Bodyguard or Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

Brian began his career on the radio in Hartford, CT doing early morning drive while regularly performing stand up comedy in Boston metro area. His strong improvisational skills come from years of work as an on-air play-by-play announcer in which he's called games for ice/roller hockey, soccer and lacrosse. Brian excels in physical rolls where he can use his athletic abilities and while not a "stunt man" regularly performs his own stunts. 

"The hero gets the girl, but I love playing the a**hole, the a**hole has the most fun.."

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