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Dreamer, story teller, director, same thing...Telling stories as long as he can remember,  it started with sketch books and cartoon strips then moving to short movies on the family camcorder.  Brian's Filmmaking journey began in earnest merging his two biggest passions, hockey and film, by creating popular branded content for The Hockey Sauce Kit IGTV channel in which short form adventure series Sauce District would reach over 300k views over 10 episodes in over two dozen countries.  


In 2021 he once again partnered with The Hockey Sauce Kit, he pitched a narrative action project starring the product it's self.  "I' had no idea what he was talking about or how we was going to make it work, it's a small hockey net not Stallone.",  says Vincent Stellato owner of the The Original Hockey Sauce Kit.   


Determined, Brian combined the campy over the top drama and vibrant action of 90's and 2000's action dramas and plugged in the "Hockey Sauce Kit" to star, Sauce Boys was born. It would ultimately go on to be viewed over 350k times on IGTV and have a wildly successful festival run, fan favorite everywhere it played including a standing ovation at the San Diego Movie awards in 2022.  It would walk the web-series festivals circuit with twelve wins including "Best Director", "Best Ensemble Cast", "Best Action Short", "Outstanding Achievement in Editing" & 6 over all annual wins for "Best Web Series" . Brian's latest project Delay Of Game looks to turn some heads on the festival circuit in 2023.


"I love movies, I grew up on movies. I just want to make shit i'd want to watch."

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